Serendipity FPS

Multiplayer online shooter with massive indoor levels, serious jetpacks, cars that can drive on walls, hop, and have nitrous--by default; planes, giant basketball goals for capture the flag; bouncy laser shotguns, toad guns, etc. No health powerups--just go hard and kill shit. Capture the flag by somehow carrying it through your team's giant basketball hoop. That's it.



All weapons have alternate fire and unlimited ammo. Create a wall of death with bouncy lasers, create a different kind of wall of death with the toad weapon, grenades, automatic shotguns, etc. etc.


Obtain vehicles by walking into them, or killing a bot vehicle which will cause it to spawn near you. All wheeled vehicles can jump. Why don't all vehicles in all games jump? They also have nitrous and can drive on walls and ceilings. And guns mounted. Planes are arecade-style: you can capture the flag in them, fly backwards, etc. Whatever. Just play.


The game is capture the flag using giant basketball hoops. If you can manage to get a car up there, that's ten points. Obtain the full auto shotgun when you capture the flag and lay waste to the entire level. Pretty much everyone is going to be after you then