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Singularity FPS Rated Best Game
Singularity FPS is a hi-spec internet multiplayer first person shooter video game for the Windows platform. Linux and Mac will be supported, but are not available just yet. The premise is that the technological Singularity is upon us, and ordinary household items become altogether too intelligent for our comfort. It is (loosely) based on the concept of the technological singularity, the time coming when artificial intelligence begins to exceed human capacity to comprehend it. In the game, toys come to life and battle it out to decide the fate of the human race. In other words, you enter the game as a plastic army man, and you can drive toy cars, airplanes, and jetpacks! Play Capture the Flag with giant basketball hoops, and invent new 3D tactics in a deep environment to capture and control enemy spawnpoints. Stuff like that.

The game is available for download and purchase now, but is still under active development. When complete, there will be about ten official levels--but the game is also completely moddable by users. The first level is a teenage guy's room, where you start off as an electric army man and drive toy cars (with weapons mounted), fly model airplanes (likewise), and interact with various elements of the room.

The second level is in the grownup's bathroom. There are fish.

The third level is in a terrarium. Check out the screenshots!

The fourth level will be...Hell's Kitchen.

Primarily a multiplayer internet game, a single player version is also planned.

Singularity FPS is being developed by Cm4msaa7 Games, an independent game developer. It is currently planned to be released solely from this website.

See the screenshots, video, features, and forums for lots more information!

<----- New video of Capture the Flag mode!

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