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However, telltales abound. A soldier's jetpack trail is a giveaway! So when you boost...boost and run!

The electric army man is your beginning state. M-14 rifle is standard issue, but upgrades are available. You have an advantage in your size--very, very tiny, and hard to see.
The basic premise of Singularity FPS is that you start off as an electric army man, and work your way up to bigger, faster, and more powerful vehicles. However, as an army man in a BIG, BIG room, there is safety in obscurity. Likewise, when you get a vehicle, you become more mobile, but also a bigger target.

Primarily a multi-player internet game, both anarchy and team play modes will be supported. Team play will consist (at least) of control point centered battle, and capture the flag. Teamplay is available in the current beta.

Mobility is the name of the game, however, and a variety of methods are provided to expedite your quest for height and distance!

First of all, all cars can hop about three feet in the air. It makes one wonder why this isn't standard in all cars. Oh, and a significant, nitrous-like boost is standard in all models, as well.

A jetpack eases the pain of not having tanks in the game, don't you think?

The Joint Strike Fighter is the next generation jet fighter, and apparently it's good for everything.

This buggie has an advantage in size and terrain handling, but it's a big target, too.

The Fiat CD-32 offers a stylish way to strafe enemy cars and ground units, and is maneuverable in a dogfight.

P-51 Mustang combines speed and armament. Not to mention a nice paint job.

The CNX N2 offers power, and exceptional wall driving capabilities.

The Messershmidt ME262 was the worlds first jet fighter. Prety cool, huh? But it's speed is a little hard to swallow.

The S14 offers trailer trash chic for your driving pleasure.

Unidentified. It flies, though, and shoots lasers, which is nice.

The Outrageous 2000 has a wide body for stability and seating for 12.

The F-14 Tomcat is the tandem bicycle of the skies.

Everybody likes the Spitfahr! Have crumpets with your death-dealing.
All vehicles have a nitrous-like boost built in, standard. This is particularly useful when a nice powerup is at the top of a loop, or you just need to move a little faster.

All wheeled vehicles have a vertical jump capability, too, for getting over minor obsticles. This is also handy when driving the wrong way on the track. Or to let a missile pass harmlessly beneath you. Or just jumping for joy. Why don't all cars have hopping capability?

The rubberband plane combines a clear field of view with the enjoyment of fresh air--and whatever cannon you can get mounted to it.

A genuine Texas bazooka, just like they used at the Alamo.

The PKM comes in seven fashionable colors! Just kidding--it comes in only one color--death.

If you can think of a better item to let cars drive on walls, I'd like to know about it.

Powerups are generally intended for a certain class of vehicle or player. For example, the jetpack is only for army men. Car wings are for cars. Bazookas and mounted PKM's are for everybody, though. Planes, trains, and automobiles alike!

The versions above have car mounts already conveniently installed. Now, that's what I call pimping your ride. But I guess you can stick with wheel covers, if that's your thing.

The Texas launcher mounts conveniently on the roof of most cars, but sometimes on the hood, depending on model. Sometimes you DO have to get creative with aftermarket parts, after all.

Don't blame me when your car insurance rates go up, though.

You should really put these on your actual car. What could make you look cooler? Still, in Singularity, they act as kindof a jetpack for cars.

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